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July 2020

Long term effects of cocaine use

Long term effects of cocaine use and abuse are rarely discussed in the media, and when they are, they tend to fall into the negative. But the real danger to your health from this class of drugs is not its effects on the body, but the harm that it does to the brain. There are […]

Where Does Cocaine Come From?

Where does cocaine come from? The truth is, you will not find the answer to this question in any of the textbooks. Cocaine is a drug that is frequently used as a recreational drug and there are also people who use it to get high, but all cocaine comes from somewhere. There are two major […]

How Is Cocaine Addiction Treated?

People ask me all the time, “How is cocaine addiction treated?” I have a few simple tips that you can start using today to deal with your cocaine habit. The truth is cocaine addiction is not always easy to overcome. First of all, it is a very difficult thing to admit that you have a […]

Can Cocaine Cause Hair Loss?

How can cocaine cause hair loss? The answer is in your genetic makeup. People who use drugs can have a problem with their hair. This could be because of certain changes that occur in the body or it could be that they are ingesting the wrong drugs. Drug interaction is a major cause of hair […]

How To Quit Cocaine Addiction

Do you wonder how to quit cocaine addiction? If you know someone who has a problem with cocaine, you may want to take the advice in this article. Most of the time cocaine will only be a problem when it is taken in large quantities. If you have an occasional problem with cocaine, there are […]

How Cocaine Affects The Heart

How does cocaine affect the heart? There have been many scientific studies and numerous health reports on this question, and what this show is that cocaine affects the heart in a negative way. To understand how cocaine affects the heart, you first need to understand the function of the heart. It is a large muscle […]

What Cocaine Does To Your Brain

What cocaine does to your brain has long been an issue of discussion and concern. In this article I will quickly go through a few of the dangers of cocaine and its effects on the brain and give you my opinion on the matter. Cocaine has an ability to be both highly addictive and highly […]

What Are The Side Effects Of Cocaine Misuse?

Many people may wonder how long the side effects of cocaine will last, and many are concerned about the negative effects of cocaine in general. It is important to remember that a large number of people try and use cocaine because they feel the urge to do so, which in itself is not necessarily a […]

Is It Possible To Overdose On Cocaine?

Can you overdose on cocaine? This question is often asked by users who suffer from physical and psychological addiction. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Even with the latest medical technology in drug treatment, there are still cases where people overdosed on cocaine. Cocaine addicts also suffer from other drugs as well. There are other drugs […]

What Happens In Cocaine Rehab

What happens in cocaine rehab is that addicts will go to detox in order to get the use of cocaine out of their system. The detoxification is usually short, and the effects are very mild. Most addicts don’t even require long stays in rehab because they are addicted to the immediate effects of the drugs. […]