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What Cocaine Does To Your Brain

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photo-of-head-bust-print-artwork-724994What cocaine does to your brain has long been an issue of discussion and concern. In this article I will quickly go through a few of the dangers of cocaine and its effects on the brain and give you my opinion on the matter.

Cocaine has an ability to be both highly addictive and highly stimulating. It is this ability to stimulate the brain that is its main downfall, since cocaine also makes the user extremely alert. This makes it very hard to stay away from cocaine.

Cocaine also changes the way your brain processes information and allows you to have a much higher sensitivity to danger. This can lead to a number of problems, such as impulsive buying, or even driving while high. It is also very easy for a user to become dependent on the drug and can make them feel like they cannot live without it.

Cocaine also has an ability to increase the amount of dopamine in your brain. This is a neurotransmitter that controls many of your other neurotransmitters. Unfortunately, the effects of cocaine also make it harder for your brain to produce the amount of dopamine that it needs to function properly.

It is also very hard for the user to stop using cocaine on their own. This is because the more often they use the drug, the more dopamine is produced and the less your brain is able to produce it.

The long term effects of cocaine are particularly harmful because it can cause a number of problems with your brain and nervous system. The first is that it can cause a build up of toxins in your brain. This can lead to problems with your nervous system and can cause long term damage to the brain.

It can also affect your heart and your lungs. The build up of toxins in the blood causes problems with your lungs, which is why it is so important to stop the use of cocaine as soon as possible.

Overall, the long term effects of cocaine can be extremely damaging. This is why it is so important to stop the use of the drug as soon as possible.

In order to help reduce the effects of cocaine on your brain, you will need to get into a habit of taking it on a regular basis. There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy a good buzz. However, if you don’t want to quit, you should also avoid taking it while you are in a rush.

Cocaine also has a very bad effect on your memory. It can cause severe problems with your short and long term memory, as well as problems with your cognitive ability. This is why it is very important to stop using cocaine if you have problems with memory.

The long term effects of cocaine can also lead to a condition known as Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s affects the motor system in your body and can cause problems with your muscles. This is why it is so important to stop using cocaine as soon as possible, especially if you are someone who uses the drug for its effects on the nervous system.

It can also affect your heart and blood pressure. Long term use of cocaine can cause you to experience heart palpitations and have problems with your blood pressure, which makes it very difficult to relax.

Finally, long term effects of cocaine can also lead to damage to the brain cells that produce serotonin. This can result in depression and a lack of concentration and also lead to a lack of memory.



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